Daily programs

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HOPE provides educational programs that focus on the lifelong learning of adults with disabilities.  Programs include classes such as Cultural Traditions, Coffee and Current Events, and the ever-popular Sports Frenzy. HOPE Members are also offered programs that focus on daily living skills such as Money Management, Cooking Class, and Household Management Skills.


HOPE Members enjoy giving back to their community in a variety of ways. Members volunteer throughout the county at organizations such as the Lenawee Humane Society, Daybreak Adult Services, and Associated Charities. Through these experiences, HOPE Members have the opportunity to work alongside other members of the community and use their talents to make a better society for everyone.

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The wellness of HOPE Members includes not only their body but their mind and spirit as well. We provide them tools and opportunities to be as healthy as they can be. Spending time outside, exercising regularly, growing a garden, and learning about nutrition helps HOPE Members achieve good health.


Recreational activities are offered daily for HOPE Members. Dances, parties, bingo and karaoke are a few of the staple activities that Members look forward to each month. Due to our full-sized gym, we are able expand recreational programming to include physical activities such as basketball, soccer, hockey and fitness walking.

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Without HOPE, many adults with disabilities in Lenawee County would not have the opportunities to form lasting friendships and socialize with others. HOPE Members interact with each other, volunteers, and college interns on daily basis. We take Members to the movies, Hidden Lake Gardens, Detroit Piston games, and other places in the community to socialize with others and enjoy the wonderful things our area has to offer.

Hope at Home

HOPE at Home virtual programming allows us to serve HOPE Members unable to attend HOPE (temporarily or long term), and Members of the larger disability community that may be homebound and otherwise unable to utilize our facility-based programming. 

Through our HOPE Member only Website , we offer structured programs daily including book club, science experiments, arts & crafts, physical fitness and much more.

For the Members who don’t have the ability to participate online, staff members drop off boxes of supplies and instructions for simple, fun projects to do at home HOPE at HOME programming runs concurrently along with our regular facility based programming.

After Hour Programs

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Throughout the year, Members have the opportunity to participate in activities that extend past our regular operating hours. Activities include attending sporting events, visiting Toledo Zoo christmas lights, and in house movie nights.

One of our most popular activities is ourHOPE Hoopster basketball team made up of Members interested in playing basketball! Hoopsters participate in weekly practices, play in games throughout the winter, stay after programs for team bonding activities and enjoy a pregame dinner together.

Opponents of the HOPE Hoopsters include local insurance agencies, banks, universities, civic clubs and many more! If you would like more information please contact Katie at:


Disability Sensitivity Workshops (DSW) are a free program designed to provide anti-stigma education and disability awareness for our community.

Workshops typically include a series of stations. Each station includes activities and simulations of a disability. The stations are very interactive, informative and give participants a brief visit into a world of disabilities.

In partnership with Lenawee Community Mental Health Authority, we provide these workshops in order to provide increased understanding and awareness of several types of disabilities, increased sensitivity for people with disabilities and appropriate language usage, and strategies for communicating with people with disabilities.For people who participate in our DSW’s at HOPE, they have the pleasure of interacting with HOPE Members and learning about who they are.

Examples of participating organizations include schools, bus drivers, human service agencies, families, police, and many more. Each workshop is tailored for a variety of groups and can last between 45-90 minutes, but times vary depending on the size and participation of the group.